April 3, 2016

Sydney’s 10 Best

Look Amazing for Longer With These Beauty Treatments

beautiful faces

beautiful faces

If you’re keen to enjoy longer-lasting results that can only be obtained with substantial efforts, then the chances are that you will want to avoid temporary solutions. Even the most common beauty treatments can offer great results that last for weeks, if not months – but understanding which of them to opt for can be a hurdle. Here are a few from sydneys10best.com.au that are guaranteed to last for weeks – and you will even find one that will last a lifetime!

Nail treatments

False nails are notorious for falling off at the most inconvenient of times – but a little known fact is that this event actually has minimal to do with the nail itself. It’s actually all about the glue. Weaker glues will breakdown when exposed to water or heat. When you go in for your next manicure or pedicure, ask your therapist to use the strongest glue in their arsenal. This will typically be superglue and it will be strong enough to bond your nails for well over a month in most instances.


Unlike shaving, waxing offers a much longer lasting effect as it will pluck the hair out of the pore, including the root. Although the hair will undoubtedly grow back over time, it’s entirely possible to keep any regrowth at bay for several weeks at a time – even longer depending on where the hair is located.

Hair removal therapies

Now here’s a solution that can stop hair growth in its tracks – and that’s via laser hair removal techniques. Where shaving will leave the follicle intact and when waxing will still leave the pore open for a new root to take hold; lasers will eliminate the capability of regrowth entirely. This means that a patch of hair can be targeted and removed in a way that stops it from growing completely. This permanent solution means that armpit hair can be a thing of the past, as can leg hair and any other type for that matter.